HydroComfort brings you the Surround Comfort home heating system! with the Surround Comfort heating system you are now able to control your individual room thermostats remotely through any smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere, anytime!

Introducing The Nevi-Web Platform

For homeowners, landlords, business owners who need to have better control of their heating cost. Not sure which room is wasting energy? Not sure why that bill is so high? Can’t access the room to adjust that thermostat? With the Nevi-Web platform you now can access your individual room thermostat remotley through any web accessable device. A Graphic detail report lets you view your energy consumption and conrol from any remote spot that has access to the web. Forgot to turn down that thermostat before you left? No worries, just go to the neviweb web site to access your control panel. From there you can program, adjust and control and even lock your individual room thermostat remotley.

You Now Have That Control

The Surround Comfort heating system is the only choice in home heating energy management. Zonal heating allows you to direct the energy when and where it is needed. Central systems simply push conditioned air through a air handler which may or may not have a air flow damper. Which simply directs air flow to other parts of the house. It is not able to read and react to each rooms energy requirement. It is flowing in that room at 100% whether it is needed or not. It is common to have a ducted system undersized and is not able to meet the energy requirements for rooms farther away from that system.

What you are paying for is not what you are getting at the other end of the house. Surround Comfort overcomes that problem. HydroComfort for over 35 years has been bringing you the most technological advances to save you money in your heating cost. We have been making breakthroughs to add Comfort, Convenience and Efficiency to your home.HydroComfort has done it again! With the Nevi-Web wireless communication platform. That now give’s you complete control over your energy consumption.

Why Is Individual Room Control Important To You?

Surround Comfort creates comfort in each individual room. Central systems are not designed to control comfort nor cost for each room. Central systems make heat at one point then transports that heat to the room via a duct or plumbing. This central distribution is very inefficient, Losing up to 40% of your heating dollars through “duct loss”, and creating uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

The closer you match heat input to heat loss, the more energy you will save. Surround Comfort's room-to-room technology does it better than any central system because each room has its individual thermostat. That thermostat is reading the energy requirements for that room. A central thermostat cannot know what each room heating requirement is. Some rooms require more energy than others because of that individual rooms heat loss. A sun room with all windows will require more energy than a bedroom with one outside wall. The Surround Comfort system is designed to give that room only the amount of energy required to maintain your comfort level. Central systems cannot read and react that way.


HydroComfort’s Surround Comfort heating system has no maintenance!

Central systems whether they are using natural gas, propane, heating oil or a standard electric furnace that require constant upkeep and maintenance. Homeowners will use co2 detectors for fear of carbon monoxide poisoning. The Surround Comfort system is flameless and fumeless. Emits no soot, no co2. Complete Peace Of Mind!

Ducted systems collect dirt, allergens- mold contaminants causing family health issues. Ducted air systems constantly have to be cleaned, filters changed regularly, constant maintenance.

The Proportional Power Advantage

proportional powerWhat is the Proportional Power advantage? Systems are designed for a single heat output, either 100% on or 100% off. Why does this matter? Home heating systems are designed to heat a zone. The issue is each zone has completely different energy requirements and a one size fits all is what cost you money.

Surround Comfort gives you the advantage of micro-managing your energy consumption automatically. Each individual room has individual energy needs. Through the Nevi-Web platform you are able to set each room individually giving you completeControl of your Comfort and operating cost.

Some rooms will require more heat than others. Our sensors are monitoring the energy consumption in that room through a graphic detail report. IE: Example- Some rooms do not require 100% of the load to maintain your set point. The thermostat will then adjust to 20% consumption. Others that have greater heat loss will require more energy to maintain the set point on the thermostat so it will draw 40%. Surround Comfort utilizes the minimum amount of energy needed to maintain the set point on your thermostat. No other system offers you this feature. They are 100% on or 100% off.