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HydroComfort Introduces Sirius Power Solar

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Dear Homeowner,

 At HydroComfort we have always believed in offering our customers value with integrity. With our LifeTime Warranty and an A+ BBB Rating , we ensure that you come first. That is why HydroComfort is introducing SiriusPower

 Most homes highest electrical expenditure is heating & cooling. So for us the next step was to offer you clean, efficient energy to offset the rising cost of electricity. The national average of electrical inflation is at 6.9% annually. Utility cost are never going to decline. With 30% Federal Tax Incentives and most in state's with tax incentives, the cost of a new Solar PV Energy System will pay for itself in a few short years.

                      So ask your self-  "Why am I renting my energy,  when I can own it today?" 


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 Combining Solar with our revolutionary Surround Comfort® Heating System to offset or eliminate your heating bill just got smarter and convenient. You chose with 240v permanent or 120v portable {Patent Pending}

Surround Comfort® offer’s the most advanced, room by room heating system available.

Surround Comfort® is now offering a room by room wireless Proportional Power® heating link system, 240v permanent or 120v portable. Surround Comfort is a room by room heating system that can save you hundreds of dollars in home heating cost while enhancing comfort for the exact temperature in the exact rooms being used.

                                 HydroComfort & Sirius Power now offer you the choice of offsetting your

                                      utility bill by 40%-50% or eliminate it entirely.  

 For maximum efficiency and convenience add the NeviWeb for 240v hardwired installation or introducing our Surround Comfort 120v portable link heating system with Hubb Stat wireless wall thermostats. You can now connect your thermostats for your permanently installed heating system or connect to your portable wireless wall thermostats using any web accessible device, from anywhere at any time.

It has saved some families up to 50% on their heating bills in one winter. Or offset that Heating & Air bill completely with SiriusPower.

You can upgrade, replace, or supplement your old electrical system with Sirius Power Solar. Replace your older heat pumps, your oil or gas furnace, your kerosene heaters and wood stoves with newer smarter more efficient systems.

The Surround Comfort® heating system & Sirius Power Solar will give you clean, safe, efficient warmth. You can heat individual rooms. Heat your entire home with permanently 240v or 120v heating system with our wireless thermostat control system’s.

No annual maintenance. No service contracts!

Eliminates yearly service calls and maintenance contracts- a one-time purchase that should last a lifetime!


One simple call could cut your home heating bills in half if not completely eliminate entirely

                    Call us at {855} 346-5612 now to learn how to start saving

Surround Comfort® brings to the market with wireless thermostat-communication products.

Surround Comfort now offers two wireless control options to fit your daily needs. For permanent 240v application or for existing upgrades use the NeviWeb wireless controls with Proportional Power ® with unparalleled efficiency features. Or you now have have the option of heating your whole house with the Surround Comfort ® portable 120v link heating system with Hubb Stats wireless wall thermostats. Giving you the same comfort-convenience options as a NeviWeb 240v system without the installation cost. {Refer to sizing chart for ampere capacity}

Connect Your Surround Comfort NeviWeb 240v permanent or Portable 120v link heating System with Hubb stat controls to the Internet. Chances are that you’ve come to rely on technology to stay connected – and for new and better ways to manage your daily life more efficiently. Surround Comfort’s wireless controls give you access to remotely monitor and manage your heating system – at anytime, from anywhere – through your PC, smart phone or tablet device.

Get Connected to Comfort. You can count on Surround Comfort wireless system performance alerts for a level of awareness and peace of mind that is unmatched – helping you stay connected to your home or business whether you’re across the street or half way around the world. Alerts can be set up to monitor comfort, safety and energy. You’ll get the information you need instantly so you can decide what action to take.

Control Comfort. Control Heating Cost. Connect Surround Comfort

  • Be alerted when the temperature is too high or low to ensure the comfort of family, employees or pets while away
  • Get notification when the temperature or humidity is too high or too low
  • Every time you visit the Surround Comfort web portal, or access the apps from your mobile device, you can:
    • View and change your portable system settings
    • View and set the temperature
    • View indoor humidity
    • View outdoor temperature and humidity
    • Access multiple thermostats if your system is zoned
    • Access multiple locations if more than one system is connected
    • Receive temperature and humidity alerts via e-mail
    • Get automatic upgrades as new features are available

Surround Comfort represents economy in heating.

You have absolute room-by-room thermostat remote control with Surround Comfort. This offers many advantages: {1} You have more control over operating cost, and {2} you have more control over room comfort.{3} Internet accessibility gives you comfort convenience from anywhere, anytime. Surround Comfort provides a uniform floor to ceiling temperature. Stratification of temperatures- warm ceilings and cold floors-is eliminated. This “destratification” lets you achieve a greater degree of comfort at a lower operating cost.

For new homes or old.

Surround comfort fits right into your building, remodeling or addition plans. You don’t have to give up valuable time or money installing for wall thermostats. With our new wireless thermostat system installation is simple and easy. Baseboards install flat on floor against the wall, and can be direct wired or plugged in. Our new Surround Comfort 120v portable link heat system requires no installation and gives you the same benefits as a hardwired system. Simple & Easy